Brosh Styling Base Spray 200 Ml

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Brosh Styling Base Spray 200 Ml

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The Brosh Styling Base Spray is the ideal product for gentlemen who love a good hairstyle or for professionals in the sector.


Suitable for all types of hair and finishes. De-tangles easily, protects from dryer heat and nourishes hair. It adds volume and texture to your hair with a very natural finish. A versatile base for interesting results whether applied alone or as a complement to the pomade. It can be used on wet or dry hair to obtain different finishes.

Ideal for cold spells, it can be a good alternative to the pomade which could make your hair too hard.

Brosh is not just a product, it’s a way of understanding your image, your style and the way you think.

The product comes in a 200 ml metal container, with a classic style and the brand logo right in the centre. Diffuser bottle for a more comfortable and practical application. Adds style and personality to your daily look.


Made in Japan.

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