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KYONE UC-01 Professional Ultima Clipper

The Ultima Clipper (UC-01) is replacing the Vintage Barber Clipper (VB-01). Why change what’s good? Because we have found new developments that improve the clipper in every way:

50% more quiet
300 minutes Operating Time, double as much minutes
25% more Power
The UC-01 is an ergonomic, perfectly in the hand model, with a non-slip, matte finish.

Like all our clipper, this clipper also has a very powerful battery. In the UC-01 we chose the new Lithium stage-3® accu. This, in combination with the very strong High Performance Rotary motor, results in a very high cutting capacity and shaves effortlessly and smoothly through any type of hair. Even with thick, full hair!

The new UC-01 has a Hard Carbon steel cutting head with Oil Sump en Ventholes. This significantly reduces the risk of less wear and heat development. The cutting head is in height adjustable from 0,5 to 3,5 mm, by means of the lever on the side of the machine.

Optional there is also a fade blade available for a smooth overflow and the perfect fade.


Operating time: up to 300 min.
Charging time: 180 min.
Lithium Ion / Lithium Stage-3
Hard Carbon Steel Blade
Adjustable cutting length 0,5 – 3,5 mm
6 magnetic click combs (1,5 / 3 / 4,5 / 6 / 10 / 13 mm.)
Optional available:

Docking Station / Charging Base
4 XL click combs (15 / 18 / 21 / 25 mm.)
Fade Blade Set

Hard Carbon Steel Blade

Oil Sump:
These function as an oil reservoir and hold the oil longer, so that the cutting head remains lubricated for longer. In addition, this also ensures less friction and resistance, which can help prevent overheating of the blades. In short; more revs / RPM and more power.

The vent holes / cooling fins in the cutting head ensure faster heat dissipation. In addition, they also ensure that the accumulated dirt between the cutting blades and the machine will be removed. Both aspects significantly extend the life of both the clipper/trimmer and the cutting head.

Normal cutting heads require continuous oil and this is often “forgotten”. Oil has a cleaning and lubricating effect. In practice, however, this happens too little, causing the cutting head and machine to wear out faster. This in turn can result in (wrong) complaints and dissatisfied customers.

Our new cutting heads overcome many of these problems, however it is not advisable to tell hairdressers that they do not require maintenance or oil. This will likely result in even less maintenance and oiling.

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