Wahl Senior Cordless Clipper

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Wahl Senior Cordless Clipper

The Wahl Senior Cordless Clipper is equipped with the most powerful engine of all wireless hair clippers and generates a higher cutting speed and cutting capacity of 6,500rpm. Combined with the Stagger Tooth technology, this powerful cordless clipper shaves even the thickest hair types with ease.

The adjustable chrome cutting blade is ideal for creating a fade. Due to the flat bottom on the cutting blade, a shorter cutting length is achieved. The adjustment lever on the side of the Senior Cordless ensures that the cutting length can be adjusted with the thumb from 0.8 mm to 2.5 mm in one easy swipe.

The Lithium-ion battery provides more power and a longer durability. These features allow the clipper to have a charging time of 120 minutes and an operating time of 70 minutes. In addition, you can also use the Wahl Senior Cordless Clipper with the cord by plugging the charging cord into the clipper itself during shaving.

The design of the Wahl Senior Cordless Clipper remains close to the original with a modern twist. The sturdy aluminum metal base provides a firm grip on the device for more precision and control. The metal bottom case also provides less vibration and the machine produces slightly less sound than a clipper with a plastic bottom case.

Most powerful engine in a WAHL clipper
6,500 rpm
Shaves all hair types
Cutting length 0.8mm – 2.5mm
Lithium ion battery
Charging time 120 minutes
Operating time 70 minutes
Cord / Cordless function
Cordless Senior included accessories:
3 x Premium Attachment Combs (Nr. #½ = 1½mm / Nr. #1 = 3mm / Nr. #1½ = 4½mm)
1 x Clipper Comb
1 x Small Oil
1 x Small Cleaning Brush
1 x Charger
1 x Cutting Blade Protector

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