Wahl Vanish Shaver

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Wahl Vanish Shaver

Wahl Vanish Shaver Black Cordless 5-star shaves even better and easier. Thanks to a new innovative drive system, the blades move independently of each other. This makes it even easier and closer to the skin to shave. This shaver has hypoallergenic shaving foils that ensure irritating and bump-free skin.


Important Features

DC motor

100-240 V

100 minutes operating time

2.4 meter cord

Easy-to-read LED lighting

Travel Lock option



a Foil Cap


Pre-shave Brush

Cleaning Brush

Instructions for use


*Ensure that you clean the shaver regularly for optimal life. 

**For professionals on the go, the Travel Lock option ensures that the Vanish Shaver does not accidentally turn on and consume power. If you are traveling by plane, the battery meets all travel regulations.